Galium aparine


Spring is just around the corner and the suitable time of year to cleanse and nourish the body through the use of Galium aparine- commonly know as Cleavers, Goosegrass or Sticky weed.

Cleavers emerge from early spring to summer. They grow and attach themselves to other plants with their small hooked hairs which grow out of the stems and leaves. They act on the body in a similar way as they attach to waste byproducts in the body, cleansing out deposits of cellular debri. Cleansing the urinary tract, the lymphatic system, the blood and strengthening the liver. The Greeks gave it the name Philanthropon, from its habit of clinging. The specific name of the plant, aparine, also refers to this habit, being derived from the Greek aparo (to seize).

The last steps in the biosynthesis of iridoids usually consist of O-glycosylation and O-alkylation. Aucubin, chemical constitute in Cleavers is a glycoside iridoid, phenolic acids, bioflavonoids and coumarins – which act as an anticoagulant.
Chlorophyll, starch and three distinct acids, viz. a variety of tannic acid, which has been named galitannic acid, citric acid and a peculiar acid named rubichloric acid.

Its actions are Diuretic, tonic, alterative, aperient , anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, astringent, depurative, diaphoretic, febrifuge, and vulnerary.

Flavonoids have been shown to have a direct antibacterial activity, synergistic activity with antibiotics, and the ability to suppress bacterial virulence factors in numerous in vitro and a limited number of in vivo studies.

Flavonoid synthesis in plants is induced by light color spectrums .Red light promotes flavonoid synthesis and as such Cleavers works well with NIR Treatment for mobilizing toxins.

The herb has a special curative reputation with reference to cancerous growths and tumours, an ointment being made from the leaves and stems also is used to address ulceration and in combination with being used internally.

Cleavers is a strong diuretic, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and first line of support for the lymphatic system.