Integrative Alliance

IHM patients are referred to an outside Specialist when necessary, or when found a patient will greatly benefit from a specific area of expertise not offered In-Clinic. IHM and choice Physicians and Practitioners are Health Care Leaders in the field of Innovative and Advanced Medical Treatments.



Dr. K. Kahn N.D.

Founder and Medical Director


Dr. John F Finkenstadt, M.D.

Prolozone, Ozone Injections and Platelet-rich plasma.

With 43 years of Medical Experience.

Dr. Arlene Messer DDS

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique – (IAOMT)

With 36 years of experience in Biological Dentistry.

Jin Fang LAc

Electroacupuncture and Wet Cupping 流血

Jin received her training at the Traditional Chinese Medicine College in Hangzhou.

With 33 years of Medical Experience.

Elaine Surowick LMT, CST

Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Elaine works within the understanding of Tibetan Healing. She received training from the Upledger Institute, including experience in Pediatrics, working with children who have Neurological and Developmental disorders.

With 20 yrs of experience.