Dr. K. Kahn


At the young age of eleven, having made a conscious decision to no longer consume meat, was the first awareness and practice towards being in service to other sentient life forms with consciousness (Sattva). What shortly followed was the counter culture revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s, that brought with it a collage of interest belonging to the healing arts, transcendental spirituality and meditation disciplines.

Dr. Kahn was born in the star of Phālguna during the Third quarter phase of the Full Moon. She was born into a Noble, German speaking family, through her paternal grandfather on her mothers side. Her father was a Priest from a long family lineage (Vamsa) of Clergymen. Dr. Kahn having attended a model school early on in life that included languages and arts, led to academic acceleration and with it an affinity for Biology. This carved the path, laying the foundation for a profession in both the Science of Spirituality (Adhyātma vidyā) and the Life Sciences (Cikitsā Vidyā).

Today Dr. Kahn currently abides in the Finger Lakes region of Central NY. Her spare time is dedicated to Medical Research Studies and enhancing her Wellness Practice. She lives a simple lifestyle by upholding the law of Satya (Truth) and Rta ( Order) and through communicating Dharma (Knowledge).



Dr. K. Kahn: B.S. Microbiology (1976); M.A. Religious Studies (1983); N.D. PhD Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (1993)

Post-Doc B.S. in Neurofeedback (2005); Cognitive Neuroscience (2009); Clinical Nutrition (2012)

Dr Kahn has over four decades of experiential knowledge in Pharmacognosy – compounding Phytopharmocological Formulas.

Dr. Kahn worked closely together with Aron Morse in the early 1970’s, the Owner and Pharmacologist of the renown Kiehl’s Pharmacy in NYC, in the extraction and compounding methods of Panax quinquefolius.

Dr. Kahn lectured and facilitated Workshops throughout the early to mid seventies with Herman Slater the Owner of the latent Botanical Magickal Childe Apothecary in NYC on the Indigenous Cultural uses of Entheogenic plants.

Dr. Kahn engaged in a personal healing conference with Jiddu Krishnamurti in NYC (1984)

Dr. Kahn taught Prevention and Risk Reduction Education in the nineties through Tompkins County Advocacy Center and instructed Health Education Programs through Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

Dr. Kahn is a Prasthanatrayi Vedanta scholar( Early Upanishads, Mahabhārata,The Brahma Sūtras and Purānas ) The Triple Science RigVeda; Advaita and Dvaita Vedanta.

Dr. Kahn has a theological title of honor as Paramahamsa in Sanskrit defined as a realized master (Jivan Mukta) and spiritual teacher (Avadhuta). Dr. Kahn is a Non-denominational licensed Minister; was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity degree (Hon. Causa)from the U.S. Military; and is a Pastoral Counselor (1998)

Dr Kahn holds Teaching Merit as a Lineage Holder in Dzogchen (Mind Series)(1972) Dr. Kahn is accomplished in the Three Inner Tantras. A teacher of Rigpa, Quantum Logic (Para Vidya), Pointing-out Instruction and Initiation of a Maṇḍala.

Dr. Kahn’s Medical Specialty: Internal Medicine. Medical Sub-specialty: Chronic and Infectious Disease. Special Focus: Cognitive Neuroscience.

Dr. K. Kahn is the Medical Director of IHM and Director of Research and Education for Curative Tx.