Lab Test

General Evaluation:

Evaluations consist of Patients Family and Current Medical History, Complete Urinalysis with Liver and kidney function, WBC, Potentional of Hydrogen, Sphygmology, Tongue, and Urine observation, Prodromal Factors, Constitutional and Prominent Life Force Humors, Nutritional Evaluation, Respiratory Rate,Stress Test.

Additional Point of Care Testing may include: Potassium/Sodium Ratio. Prostate Examination. Testicular Neoplasm Test. Nerve Conduction Volocity Test (NCV). Laser Evoked Potential (LEP) Test. Electroencephalography (EEG), and Electromyography (EMG) Test. Holistic Kinesiology.


Ordered Lab Test have additional cost and therefore only recommended if determined absolutely necessary – Common Ordered Test may include:

Thyroid Panel.
DHEA-S Test.

Mineral Test- Macro and Micro Minerals.

Cervical Cancer Test.

Prostate Antibody Test.

Apolipoprotein B Test – LDL, VLDL Cholesterol and Chylomicrons.

Antinuclear Antibody Test.

Nutritional Genomic Testing.

Pyrroles Test.

Urine Indican Test.

Malondialdehyde (MDA) Test.

Colloidal HIV 1 and 2 Antigen Test.

Full Lyme Panel.

Full Female Hormone Test.

Full Male Hormone Test.

There are various other test, dependent on the requirements of the patient. Pricing varies as some test are cost effective such as saliva testing whereas an imaging test, dependent on the type, would cost considerably more. Cost for Blood test can be costly for some patients. We will discuss with you your options. Our goal, (unlike in conventional medicine) is to keep additional cost to a minimum.

Ideally, its best if you send to our office by Email a copy of your recent test from your primary care physician or hospital to avoid re-testing and unnecessary cost. IHM’s Obligation of Confidentiality protects your privacy.